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 by Iterative Refinement by Iterative Refinement
 +https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1811.00002v1 WaveGlow: A Flow-based Generative Network for Speech Synthesis
 +WaveGlow combines insights from Glow and WaveNet in order to provide fast, efficient and high-quality audio synthesis, without the need for auto-regression. WaveGlow is implemented using only a single network, trained using only a single cost function: maximizing the likelihood of the training data, which makes the training procedure simple and stable. Our PyTorch implementation produces audio samples at a rate of more than 500 kHz on an NVIDIA V100 GPU. Mean Opinion Scores show that it delivers audio quality as good as the best publicly available WaveNet implementation. All code will be made publicly available online. https://​nv-adlr.github.io/​WaveGlow
 +https://​github.com/​ikostrikov/​pytorch-flows A PyTorch implementations of Masked Autoregressive Flow and some other invertible transformations from Glow: Generative Flow with Invertible 1x1 Convolutions and Density estimation using Real NVP.