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 https://​openreview.net/​forum?​id=BylBfnRqFm CAML: Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning https://​openreview.net/​forum?​id=BylBfnRqFm CAML: Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning
 +https://​arxiv.org/​pdf/​1810.03642v1.pdf CAML: Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning
 +CAML: Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning
 +Luisa M Zintgraf, Kyriacos Shiarlis, Vitaly Kurin, Katja Hofmann, Shimon Whiteson
 +(Submitted on 8 Oct 2018 (this version), latest version 12 Oct 2018 (v2))
 +We propose CAML, a meta-learning method for fast adaptation that partitions the model parameters into two parts: context parameters that serve as additional input to the model and are adapted on individual tasks, and shared parameters that are meta-trained and shared across tasks.
 +https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1810.08135 Contextual Topic Modeling For Dialog Systems
 +Our work for detecting conversation topics and keywords can be used to guide chatbots towards coherent dialog.
 +https://​www.nature.com/​articles/​s41467-018-06781-2 Reference-point centering and range-adaptation enhance human reinforcement learning at the cost of irrational preferences