This is an old revision of the document! Deep Exploration via Bootstrapped DQN

Efficient exploration in complex environments remains a major challenge for reinforcement learning. We propose bootstrapped DQN, a simple algorithm that explores in a computationally and statistically efficient manner through use of randomized value functions. Unlike dithering strategies such as epsilon-greedy exploration, bootstrapped DQN carries out temporally-extended (or deep) exploration; this can lead to exponentially faster learning. We demonstrate these benefits in complex stochastic MDPs and in the large-scale Arcade Learning Environment. Bootstrapped DQN substantially improves learning times and performance across most Atari games.

Key breakthroughs in this paper include the following:

* We present the first practical reinforcement learning algorithm that combines deep learning with deep exploration: Bootstrapped DQN. * We show that this algorithm can lead to exponentially faster learning. * We present new state of the art results on Atari 2600. Blazing the trails before beating the path: Sample-efficient Monte-Carlo planning Plan, Attend, Generate: Character-Level Neural Machine Translation with Planning